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  • Server-wide broadcasts when players find ores.
  • Configurable server-wide rewards when a player finds diamonds!
  • Ability to set traps of any block type to catch x-ray users or griefers.
  • Logging to file and server-wide alerts when a trap block is broken.
  • Admin message functionality so that only administrators recieve alerts.
  • Plugin can give all OPs permissions...or not! (configurable)
  • Ability to disable broadcasts in creative mode.
  • Ability to disable players from mining ores in total darkness. (Players mining ores like this are likely using a light hack or an x-ray)
  • Ability to change the configuration on the go with /fd toggle


  • /fd or /founddiamonds - Main menu
  • /fd admin - Toggle ON/OFF Admin messages
  • /fd trap - Sets a trap using the default block, diamond ore.
  • /fd trap <itemname> - Sets a trap using the specified item.
  • /fd toggle - Toggle any field in the configuration.
  • /fd config - Show the current configuration.
  • /fd world - Manage FD enabled worlds from in game, or at the console.
  • /fd reload - Reload the configuration if you've made external changes (Note: It is not necessary to use /fd reload after using /fd toggle to change a configuration. /fd toggle automatically reloads the configuration.)
  • /version FoundDiamonds - Show your FoundDiamonds plugin version - It's case sensitive.


Supports PermissionsBukkit, GroupManager, PEX, and bpermissions.

  • fd.* - Gives access to all FoundDiamonds commands.
  • fd.trap - Set and remove trap blocks.
  • fd.messages - Receive admin messages.
  • fd.config - View the configuration file.
  • fd.world - View currently enabled worlds (as of now)
  • fd.reload - Reload the configuration file.
  • fd.toggle - Modify the configuration.
  • ignore.broadcasts - Stops a player from recieveing any broadcasts.

Configuration File

Found Diamonds Configuration:
    Disable in creative mode: true
    Disable ore mining in total darkness: true
    Give OPs all permissions: true
    Kick players on trap break: true
    Ban players on trap break: false
    Admin alerts on all trap breaks: false
    Kick message: You broke a FoundDiamonds trap block.
      Random items for finding diamonds: false
      Percent of time awards are given: 25
      Random Item 1: 265
      Random Item 2: 263
      Random Item 3: 341
      Random spells for finding diamonds: true
      Spell strength (1-5): 3
      Percent of time spells are casted: 100
    Diamond Ore: true
    Gold Ore: true
    Lapis Ore: true
    Redstone Ore: true
    Iron Ore: true
    Coal Ore: true
    Mossy Cobblestone: false
    Obsidian: false
    Message: '@Player@ found @Number@ @BlockName@'>
    Use player nicknames: false
    Include [FD] Prefix: true
    Use classic ore colors for ores: true
    Log all diamond ore breaks: false
    Clean log (all ores): false
  Enabled Worlds:
  - Your_World_Will_Be_Here
  - After_You_Run_FD
  Admin Messages:
    Diamond Ore: false
    Gold Ore: false
    Redstone Ore: false
    Lapis Ore: false
    Iron Ore: false

Standard Installation and Basic Test

Note: FoundDiamonds does NOT announce blocks that a player has placed!

Just drop the FoundDiamonds.jar in your plugins folder and reload!

  • Okay...Does it work?
  1. The best way to test the plugin and verify that it's working is to find some natural iron or coal and break it!
  1. Make sure once it's working that you set up permissions real quick, at least for yourself. Give yourself fd.* (or if you don't use permissions, do /fd toggle ops in the console) and you should be set. Now that you know you're up and running, take some time to check out the config and modify it to your liking.

Recent Changelog

Version 3.2

  • Added option to 'Use Classic Ore Colors' in broadcasts because custom color formatting overrides them. Defaults to true. If you don't like the ore names being colored to their type, set this to false.
  • Cleaned up some sketchy file handling methods
  • Impelemented 'ignore.broadcasts' permission for players who don't like broadcasts 
  • Made admin messages conform to the custom color codes in the config.
  • Made admin messages send a message to the console!
  • Fixed a terrible bug that could have prevented broadcasts when using admin messages :/

Version 3.1.9

  • mcMMO spam fixed!
  • Now supports custom color formatting!
  • Improved clean log.
  • Added redstone admin messages.
  • Set plugin to add ALL worlds on first run and enable most everything (should help new users with issues)
  • Improved world menu a bit
  • Added more functionality to the config, toggle, and set menus + fixed a few bugs.

(For full changelog, see the thread on the bukkit forums)


No announcements:

  1. Is the ore you broke a block that was placed by you or someone else?
  • The plugin remembers placed blocks...forever. Unless of course you stop the server, delete the .placed file it generates, and restart. The reason you have to do this is because the plugin only does I/O at two times. On startup, and on shutdown. Deleting the .placed file while the server is running won't work because it never reads the file when it's running, and it generates one on shutdown (so it would just generate a new one on shutdown).
  1. Is the world you're breaking ores in listed in /fd world list ?
  • If it isn't...do an /fd world add <worldname> and try again.
  1. Are you using the latest version of FoundDiamonds?
  • Do /version FoundDiamonds in game to find out.
  1. Are you using the CB build this was built against?
  • If not, that could possibly be the culprit.
  1. Are you breaking ore in creative mode with creative mode disabled in the config?
  • It may seem like common sense, but for a new user of the plugin I could see it being an easy mistake to make.
  1. Did you make changes to the config and forget to do /fd reload?
  • Any changes you make must be reloaded, unless you're using /fd toggle (which reloads automatically)

If none of the above helped you, it's likely that you have found a bug. If you followed the troubleshooting guide, you're already using the recommended CB build for this version, and are probably up to date. The only other things I would require would be a list of your plugins (one could potentially be conflicting with FD) and your config file along with any errors in the console you may be receiving.

This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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